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Chalkable is an app store for school and platform to make those apps work.

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Amazing digital tools and content can transform the way students learn in school. The Chalkable app store lists the best educational apps from across the web. You can browse apps by category or common core standard. Purchase, install, and set up the app for your whole class in just one click.

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Lots of Apps. One login. One calendar. One gradebook. It all just works. The Chalkable platform is a basic set of tools for students, teachers, admins, and parents. We built Feed, Calendar, Attendance, Gradebook, Messaging and more to get the day to day done, and make using Apps simple.

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Integrating your web app with the Chalkable App Store gives you the opportunity to be exposed to millions of users, collect payments, and deeply integrate into the core Chalkable experience. Using the API, your app will be able to leverage the Chalkable platform (user info, schedule, grading, attendance, discipline, messaging, notifications, etc) to help you deliver a great experience to students, teachers, parents, or administrators.

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