For states with vision, here’s the big picture.

Consolidate data from multiple SIS vendors and turn that data into insightful information for your state department of education and school personnel.

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State Data Accumulator


Standardized Interface

Gather data from multiple districts using different SIS vendors and consolidate it into usable information.

“Together, STI and the Alabama State Department of Education established a system to provide essential information for improving schools and answering questions at the core of educational effectiveness. Alabama policymakers and educators now have the timely, valid, and relevant data they need to tailor instruction to help each student improve, effectively and efficiently manage schools, and evaluate which policy initiatives show the best evidence of increasing student achievement.”


Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama State Superintendent of Education


Built-in Reports

Easily view summarized and detailed data across participating school districts.

Dashboard View

Access reports and dashboards for a quick look at aggregated district data, or create your own—without relying on IT.


Replicated Student Data

Quickly identify at-risk students, health information, statewide membership, and other replicated data.

More than 5,000 schools use our student information system, InformationNOW
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