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Financial management


Fund Accounting

Organize daily financial tasks. Manage disbursements, receipts, and purchase orders. Print balance sheets and reports. And track vendors, accounts, claims, and grants.

  • Make entries in next month before closing current
  • Bank reconciliation with bank check file
  • Recurring entries for A/P, Receipts, and Journal Entries
  • Group codes for vendors and budget accounts
  • Grant tracking by source of funds or account groups
  • Integration with Payroll and Budget Planner
  • Vendor tracking with 1099s
  • Extensive chart of accounts features
  • Account tracking by structure, groups, and sites
  • General ledger and audit adjustment entries
  • Ability to track multiple fiscal years by fund
  • Claim/Voucher tracking
  • Provides for a frequently ordered item catalog
  • Allots shipping to one or more accounts
  • Allows price/quantity adjustments based on invoice
  • Prints various convenient reports

Purchase Orders

Budget better. Sync purchase orders with financial reports for the most accurate status of every account.

  • Instantaneous budgetary encumbrance
  • Encumbers current or future budget
  • Over-budget account notification/lock-out
  • Adds PO data to accounts payable when invoice is received
  • Accommodates off-site entry with approval levels
  • Restricts off-site entry to defined account groups
  • Allows for digitized signatures at each approval level
  • Provides for multiple vendor locations
  • No limit on number of items on PO


Simplify payroll tasks to maximize your time. Chalkable’s exception-based payroll wizard eliminates confusion and breaks down the process to make generating payrolls quick and painless.

  • Federal and state tax calculation
  • Unlimited deductions/benefits
  • Individualized deduction/benefit features
  • Provision for various sheltering scenarios
  • Computes creditable earnings when required
  • Support for multiple current and future contracts
  • Sick day, personal day, dock day, etc. tracking
  • Substitute tracking and reporting
  • Allows for off-site attendance and substitute entry
  • Direct deposits from multiple accounts
  • Salary breakdown to multiple accounts
  • Prints deductions and benefits on check or direct deposit stub
  • Prints "subbed for" data on substitutes stub
  • Prints leave days on stub
  • Posts payroll detail to A/P and G/L
  • Extensive reporting before and after check printing

“We love the Go Green module. It is a huge timesaver for me, and the program saves the school money. “


-Human Resources, IL

Paperless Module

Save time, money, and paper with Chalkable’s Go Green module. Email direct deposit vouchers to employees, prepare electronic files for deferred compensation TPA, and integrate with time clock entry.

Budget Planner

Keep track of your budget year round. Compare your proposed budget to the current budget and YTD. This tool interfaces directly with Fund Accounting for at-a-glance comparison, reports, projections, and more—at any time.

  • Interfaces with Fund Accounting
  • Tracks current and proposed budget
  • Allows for multiple year projections
  • Add, edit, and delete accounts for next year's budget
  • Enter or change amounts by percent or flat amount
  • Manage accounts grouped by account structure
  • Add reminder notes to any account
  • Print budget worksheet
  • Design and save custom reports
  • Export reports to Excel
  • For Illinois Schools, exports to Illinois State Budget Form Excel Spreadsheet
  • Imports budget balance from Fund Accounting for preparation of amended budget

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