Smart Enrollment Made Easy.

A streamlined and automated enrollment solution that seamlessly integrates with the student information system, empowering parents to partner with schools in the enrollment process.

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Online Enrollment


The Smart Choice for Online Enrollment

Whether your district has three or thirty schools, Chalkable provides the tools your district needs to streamline your current enrollment process. From student recruitment, registration, re-enrollment, and summer school registration, Chalkable Enrollment is the total enrollment solution your district has been waiting for.

By moving to an online enrollment and registration process that seamlessly integrated with iNOW, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and money, plus you’ll empower the parents in your district to be a partner in the enrollment process.

Fully Integrated With The SIS

Full integration with InformationNOW enables a direct data share with fee payment write back and removes the need for manual data entry for schools. Data format rules guide your parents in entering information exactly as it appears in the SIS so schools don’t run into problems with duplicate records or having to clean up data. Parents are enabled to upload supporting documents from their computer or mobile device. Everything is then automatically grouped into a digital student packet, which all stays with the student record, solving the issues of of time-consuming manual entry, data errors, and missing information. 


Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Chalkable Enrollment offers real-time updates at all levels that give the district, school, and families a snapshot of the enrollment process as applicable to them, greatly reducing the need to send emails or make phone calls. Powerful admin reporting tools help answer important questions quickly such as, how many applicants you have for certain grades, what percentage of applicants have siblings already enrolled, or which schools have more seats than applicants. These insights and analytics offer accurate and timely information for planning and decision making for years to come. 

Mobile Friendly

Chalkable Enrollment eliminates the need for parents to make multiple trips, sometimes to multiple schools to drop off paperwork. Instead, parents can complete the entire enrollment process or fee payment on a mobile device. With desktop and mobile functionality that seamlessly integrates with iNOW to help your school compile the most accurate database possible. 


Chalkable Enrollment. The Smart Online Enrollment Solution.

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