Manage Daily Tasks Seamlessly And With Total Confidence.

At Chalkable, innovation is important. That’s why we continue to invest in our core education data management solutions, making the process of managing and accessing school data easier, more efficient, and
more reliable for everyone.

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Student Information System
Get to the heart of student potential.

Allow everyone to focus on what matters most—student achievement—with access to reliable data, intuitive classroom tools, robust administrative features, and streamlined state reporting all in one place.

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Food service management
Feed the body, fuel the mind.

Make everyone happy with the hosted, user-friendly food service program that seamlessly integrates with InformationNOW. Involve parents in their child’s nutrition, simplify tasks for your staff, and save your district money.

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State Data Accumulator
For states with vision, here’s the big picture.

Consolidate data from multiple SIS vendors and turn that data into real-time information for your state department of education and school personnel.  Make informed, timely program and policy decisions.  Feel confident in the security of your state’s student data.  And make the education experience better for everyone.

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Private School
Find the perfect fit for your private school.

Education isn’t one size fits all. Learning and data management tools don’t have to be either. Chalkable’s comprehensive platform includes everything you need to run your school efficiently and effectively. Customize it to fit your
school’s needs, and spend little to no time training,
saving your school time and money.

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Financial Management
Make financial management more manageable.

Streamline all your financial tasks with secure solutions to save your school time and money. Easily manage fund accounting, purchase orders, payroll, and your budget. And save even more with our Go Green paperless payroll module.

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“Together, STI and the Alabama State Department of Education established a system to provide essential information for improving schools and answering questions at the core of educational effectiveness. Alabama policymakers and educators now have the timely, valid, and relevant data they need to tailor instruction to help each student improve, effectively and efficiently manage schools, and evaluate which policy initiatives show the best evidence of increasing student achievement.”


Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama State Superintendent of Education