impact student outcomes.

Provide teachers with the data and tools to better manage standards-based classrooms and create individualized learning paths for students.

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Digital Learning


Chalkable Study Center is the only tool that leverages holistic student data to empower individualized instruction and aid educators in impacting student outcomes.

Illuminate students’ strengths and weaknesses

Panorama enables you to make instructional decisions based on student data from the past three years before the school year even starts. Determine how to spend valuable class time with data on the standards and topics where your students struggle. An embedded early warning system monitors student progress on your behalf.

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Study Center content and resources

Provide relevant, standards-aligned content

Enhance lesson plans for digital learning by searching more than 500,000 pieces of content, including videos, worksheets, games, quizzes, and more. All content is aligned to performance metrics and standards.

Deliver Personalized, Standards-Aligned Learning

Prescriptive instruction focuses students and parents’ time outside the classroom by assigning content that addresses learning gaps. At any time students can explore recommended content aligned to their coursework and teachers can view a comprehensive snapshot of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Study Center recommended content

Measure Comprehension and Retention Rates

Build engaging and interactive assessments with multiple technology-enhanced question types to keep students interested. Select from thousands of pre-loaded questions aligned to grade levels, subjects, and standards, or add your own questions and passages. Tests are easily administered at the district, school, or classroom level.


Integrate your web app with Chalkable Study Center for the opportunity to be exposed to millions of users, collect payments, and deeply integrate into the core Chalkable experience. Using the API, your app will be able to leverage the Chalkable platform (user info, schedule, grading, attendance, discipline, messaging, notifications, etc.) to help you deliver a great experience to students, teachers, parents, or administrators.

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At Chalkable, we design our solutions to work together as one comprehensive student achievement platform. Learn more about our other solutions.