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Introducing Chalkable Classroom, for all InformationNOW customers. Helping teachers manage daily tasks so they can focus on what matters most – their students.

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Digital Classroom


More Than “Just a Gradebook”

Not only does Chalkable Classroom offer a robust gradebook and multiple grading options, but the solution also includes attendance by seating chart, actionable analytics, assignment and lesson plan management, and annotation and messaging tools. Everything a teacher needs on a daily basis to manage the classroom.


Fully Integrated with the SIS

Chalkable Classroom and InformationNOW share the same technology platform and are designed as one system. This integration enables real-time exchange of information and removes the need for double entry of data by teachers.
Administrators can view enrollment, attendance, classroom discipline and grade averages by district and school, and review individual classes,  teachers, and lesson plans. All data remains in the SIS environment, eliminating data security risks.

Built for K-12 Teachers and Students

When K-12 teachers and students help design your products, it’s amazing how user friendly they can be. Chalkable Classroom boasts one-click access to every function and any section, front-and-center to-do lists for teachers and students, and grading and attendance functionality built with speed and mobility in mind.


Communication Made Easy

Keep everyone on the same page with chat capability between students and teachers, automatic notification to student when activity is scored, and automatic notification to teacher when assignment is annotated and saved or uploaded by student.

More than 5,000 schools use our student information system,

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At Chalkable, we design our solutions to work together as one comprehensive student achievement platform. Learn more about our other solutions.